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A silk headscarf is the kind of fashion accessory that also serves a practical purpose. Not only is it great for your hair, but you can also use it as a neck scarf if you want to, such is its versatility. But no matter whether it’s worn on your head or your neck, silk is a material quite like no other in terms of its soft, smooth feel.

Is a silk headscarf good for your hair?

Yes, it is. When you wear silk in your hair, it helps keep it soft and moisturised and free from tangles, frizz and damage. Your hair slides against silk, so it won’t damage your hair the way cotton does, for example. Also, sleeping on silk at night can preserve your hairstyle. So, if your pillowcase is not made from silk, you can lay a silk headscarf on your pillow and get the same effect.

Can you wash a silk headscarf?

No, not in a washing machine. Even if you use the gentle cycle, it can still cause damage to the fibres. You might notice that the label on your silk scarf recommends dry-cleaning only. Although this is only a suggestion, you should take it seriously. Some silk scarves can be washed by hand, but others must be taken to a professional dry-cleaner. But whatever you do, definitely don’t put your silk headscarf in your washing machine.

How can you tell if a silk scarf is authentic?

There are a couple of ways you can test your scarf’s material to see if it is genuine silk:

  • Hand touch. Touch the scarf to feel how smooth it is. If it is genuine silk, it should be completely smooth to the touch and have a soft feeling, almost waxlike.
  • Ring test. Place a jewellery ring on your scarf, and then gently pull the scarf through the middle of the ring. If it is real silk, it should glide through without any problems. If it is a synthetic fibre, it will likely bunch up or get caught on the ring.

Is satin the same as silk?

People often confuse these two materials because they have a similar appearance. However, they are different – silk is a natural fibre made from the larva of silkworms, whereas satin is a weave construction which can be made from either natural or synthetic fibres. Satin can be made from silk but can also be made from cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, acetate, or viscose, for example.

Are you looking to buy a silk headscarf?

At Laslett England, we have several silk headscarves that we are sure you will love. For example:


So, there you go. Hopefully, those are your main silk headscarf questions answered. We hope you found this helpful, but if you have any further questions, please do get in touch.


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