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“I want to create a unique design that becomes an element of your personal style and has a lasting and collectable appeal.”


My inspiration can come from anywhere and it’s usually the result of one or two different ideas coalescing over time, researching and discovering various elements that will set a chain reaction of ideas. It might start with something vintage or drawn or even a found object. The challenge is how I will transform those ideas so that they will resonate, not just with me, but with you my audience.

As I’m working on a design, the concept often changes; it’s about discovering the design that lies hidden within the concept and getting that onto paper or into my computer.  I like to bring contrasting elements together, such as a floral juxtaposed with a geometric pattern.  They may have come from very different sources, but it’s how they are worked together that excites me.

For me to reach a first draft of the design can take from a few days to a number of weeks. Next, I need to evaluate where I’ve got to.

Melanie Laslett Designer


First it’s a case of finessing the draft design. I might add more elements to the design, by changing the detail in the border of a scarf or pocket square, adjusting colours or altering one small element of a pattern or even taking something out! This phase is as important as coming up with the design itself, it’s the attention to detail that makes each design feel crafted and unique. And it’s about knowing when to stop and not to over-engineer the piece.

Whilst I’m designing I need to visualise the design printed onto fabric and also how it might be worn.

Now it’s about building the range; how many designs and colourways, what fabrics, shapes and finishes.  For manufacture, data needs to be sent to the printers who digitally print my designs onto silk, wool and other natural fabric blends. The designs are then stitched by specialists; all produced in England

Finally a beautifully finished product in a signature box



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