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Designer Neck Scarf

The accessible accessory

A designer scarf is an effortless way to update your wardrobe at any time of year. The rise in popularity of the silk scarf continues to grow on the catwalk and on the rich and famous. The multitude of ways that a scarf can be worn means it is a great investment piece; it can be dressed up or down according to your outfit of the day. On repeat wears, this is the best fashion accessory to individualise your look, plus it has wide appeal across all age ranges. First came the It bag, now the It designer neck scarf. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, alexander McQueen, Liberty, Hermes all boast a sumptuous silk square in their collection, often a great entry purchase into a high-end designer brand. Yes, a designer neck scarf is expensive, but most people can afford to buy a designer scarf even if they cannot buy a whole outfit. It is a justifiable gift for me! A classic 90 x 90 silk square particularly has that wow-factor.

The designer silk scarf is accessible to everyone, a scarf can update a look just as well or better than shoes or a handbag, it can transform your look instantly. Hermes, purveyor of the luxury silk scarf has seen its younger audience grow significantly. Scarves are an easy way of reinventing your style and character. There are so many options, not only in silk but in luxurious wools and cashmeres from oversized wraps for drama and warmth to smaller lighter silky options. A neck scarf is a great alternative to a piece of bold jewellery. With the vagaries of our global climate a scarf is the perfect transitional item to own, a statement piece to wear from summer right through to winter and looks different with every outfit you team it with.

A designer neck scarf is an introduction to print for someone who is not ready to commit to a fully printed look. There is no doubt that a scarf with a striking print can lift your complexion and add a pop of colour to boost your mood and your clothing. There is an exuberance to a richly patterned scarf to set-off a minimally designed outfit. The larger silk square is regarded as a canvas for original and limited-edition prints, they are wearable works of art. Designer scarves can help you establish your signature style, it can be fun to experiment with different shapes and sizes of neck scarfs. Different shapes will give a different impression, for work you may want to boost confidence with an elegant silk square or try a smaller neck scarf to up-style your weekend wardrobe with a pop of colour.

Laslett England has a collection of unique printed scarves, printed onto luxury fabrics from silk satin, crepe de chine, silk satin chiffon, silk twill to fine 100% pure wools or wool blended with silk or cashmere. Every scarf has an original pattern by British textile designer, Melanie Laslett and owner of Laslett England. Melanie works with the absolute best UK printers who supply high-end brands such as Burberry and Paul Smith through to Saville Row tailors. Discover glamourous florals through to abstracts and geometrics all with a modern-vintage feel. Each scarf is hand-finished with hand-rolled, hand-fringed, or tasselled edges for the perfect finishing touch. All scarves come packaged in a bespoke-made signature red box. Laslett England cares about a slow and sustainable approach to fashion by creating accessories with timeless appeal and in limited numbers.

What to Look for When Buying a Designer Scarf 

If you are interested in expanding your scarf collection, or if you are looking to buy your first-ever designer scarf, here are some key tips for making the right choice.

  1. Always choose high-quality fabrics.

When shopping for an investment scarf, never settle for anything less than top-quality fabric. Cashmere and silk are standouts, both of which are the materials of choice by leading luxury brands because of their softness, breathability, and unmatched durability. And, of course, they feel incredible against the skin.

  1. Consider your colour palette and print.

For any time of year, designer wool or cashmere scarves in an array of colours never go out of style. As for silk scarves, welcome bright colours intertwined with kaleidoscopic prints and patterns. The designs of luxury silk scarves are wide-ranging, from floral, abstract, animal prints or striking geometrics to classic motifs such as equestrian, nautical, and military.

  1. Know about the finishing touches.

If you love classic square silk scarves, invest in pieces that have been silk-screened by hand, and are hand-stitched. A true measure of a silk scarf’s authenticity is a hand-rolled edge, which is the true luxury finish. Perhaps, the most popular among all silk scarves today are the ones from Hermès, which take about six months to produce. All made in France, the level of craftsmanship in their masterpieces are reflected in the price and quality.

  1. Keep an eye on limited edition or waitlisted scarves.

When a luxury fashion house collaborates with an artist or designer, they may release a specific design only once. These editions are high in demand and are very collectible, often attracting a cult-like status. For limited edition scarves, the signature of the collaborating public figure is usually shown on the scarf itself, which is an excellent way to check for authenticity.

Remember, when items are part of a limited edition, there are less on the market. As a result, they will retain their value better into the future. Some people prize their designer scarves so much that they frame them to hang in their home. Fashion and art collide!

  1. Keep your packaging. 

Hold on to the gift box! Treat your scarf like an investment purchase, it is also a good place to store it after each wear. A Laslett England scarf comes with a beautiful branded gift box that is also intended to keep your scarf in good condition.

There are many and varied ways to wear a designer neck scarf, here are some suggestions:

The Silk Head Scarf

One of the most dramatic ways to style a scarf

How-To-Tie It: Grab two diagonal corners of your scarf and fold it in half into a triangle. Next, drape it over your head so that the long edge of the triangle is flat across your forehead. Take the two ends back to the nape of the neck and tie them together with a knot so that the ends fall gently down your back.

The Scarf-As-Hair Accessory

How-To-Tie It: If you are working with a square scarf, start by taking one corner of your scarf and folding it in diagonally until you’re left with a long, skinny silhouette. Take both ends and wrap the scarf underneath your ponytail or around your bun and gently secure it with a knot. For extra hold, secure the sides of the scarf with hair pins where needed.

The Statement Silk Scarf

How-To-Tie It: fold an oversized scarf in half horizontally and draping it diagonally over your shoulder or softly folded cowboy style layered over a tailored jacket or dress, or it can be twisted to the side in a jaunty fashion for a more asymmetric look.

The Scarf-As-Necklace

How-To-Tie It: Fold the square upon itself into a narrow strip, wrap the scarf around your neck once before jauntily tying the two ends together into a neat know. Or for a more insouciant look, let one end dangle down on one side and tie asymmetrically.

The Silk Scarf Belt

How-To-Tie It: Tie the scarf (a long, skinny or rectangular style is best) around your waist or gently thread it through the belt loops of your trousers.

The Silk Scarf Bracelet

How-To-Tie It: Using a small narrow twilly style scarf, wrap the scarf around the top of your wrist so that both ends are equal in length. Next, take one end and wrap it once around your wrist. Repeat using the other end going in the opposite direction. Secure it with a knot to form a bracelet.

The Scarf Top

How-To-Tie It: For a quick-and-easy option, take a large square scarf and fold it in half diagonally. Wrap the long end of the scarf around your chest and secure it in back with a knot.

The Scarf as Bag Strap

How-To-Tie It: wind a twilly or narrow silk scarf around the handle of your bag, or tie at one end into a loose bow or simply let the fabric hang down and catch the breeze!

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