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Ladies Silk Neckerchiefs

Neckerchief Chic – the Art of the Small Scarf — A simple and chic accessory!

It’s time to embrace the Neckerchief, the perfect trans-seasonal accessory. It adds a real style uplift to so many outfits and elevates what you’re wearing in a flash. Laslett England have produced a range of women’s silk neckerchiefs with a modern-vintage feel.


Melanie Laslett, founder, and owner of luxury accessories brand Laslett England says,

“There is something about a little printed scarf that transcends fashion, an accessory to love and cherish and a great wardrobe fix for the days when you don’t know what to wear. Start with the scarf, team it with a plain dress or a printed one if you like to mix patterns together. Dress it up or dress it down; not only does it add a pop of colour and interest; its mood enhancing and makes you feel finished”.

Available in a variety of elegant prints and sizes, discover the perfect accessory to add some personality to update your look. Essentially a silk neckerchief or silk bandana is a square shape scarf that can be folded and tied in so many ways, adding a pop of colour and that all important piece of pattern to your look. First there is question of size, the smallest is a 45 x 45cm – perfect for wearing around the neck, as a wrist wrap or classically tied around your handbag handle, instantly changing the look of your favourite bag. Next up the 55 x 55 which with a bit more fabric can be worn knotted or draped bandana style to show off the print. The 70 x 70 size is perfect for tying at the neck and doubles up as the perfect headscarf size. The 70-scarf format in 100% silk twill is light and easy to wear. A luxury neckerchief is usually 100% pure silk but an alternative is silk blended with cotton – see the Laslett England Regatta collection for the perfect spring summer neckerchief.

Shape, colour, and pattern all interact in the designs, Laslett England’s neckerchiefs are printed with vintage style florals, geometrics and abstract designs often contrasted by a geometric border design and finished with either a hand-rolled or hand-finished edge in a contrasting colour which makes it beautiful when tied. It’s all about the detail.

There are Endless possibilities for styling silk bandana scarves and neckerchiefs. They can be folded and tied in so many ways, adding a pop of colour and pattern to your look. Melanie says, “many women I speak to often say they don’t know how to wear a scarf, but a neckerchief couldn’t be easier, think of it like a piece of jewellery” 100% pure silk, a ladies silk neckerchief is typically worn around the neck in a variety of styles: folded into a narrow strip and tied loosely in front, sailor style, or tied in a side bow, or side knot, European style, tied in a small knot at back of the neck as a choker, or as a loose triangle in front. A silk neckerchief works with a variety of necklines, including tucked in a shirt collar.


Other ways, fold the square into a triangle, roll it over and style it knotted at the front or best positioned slightly askew on one side ‘a la Audrey Hepburn in Roman holiday’, the more jauntily the better! A printed square has that wonderful vintage/retro appeal especially if you love dressing in forties and fifties style. It can also be folded over a couple of times on the diagonal and worn as a hairband or alice band. Try wearing your silk bandana in your hair as a ponytail tie, around a hair bun, braided into a braid or plait, as a headband or a headscarf. It’s the perfect antidote to a bad hair day!

A neckerchief has lasting appeal and makes a special gift for a sister, girlfriend, Mother or the ideal Christmas or birthday gift and super easy to send in the post to a loved one who lives abroad.  printed square has a vintage appeal and the perfect accessory to take you through the festival season. There are certain presents that individuals keep, and a scarf is often a treasured item. For that reason, a Laslett England scarf comes packaged in a signature red bespoke box which is a good way to store it too. It’s a great accessory to pack for a trip as it’s super light, takes up no room and can be worn with lots of different outfits. As Melanie says, “This style of scarf is a chic accent to dressing, an invaluable accessory to own – and one is never enough!”


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