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Luxury Silk Scarves

The head-turning accessory

Throughout history silk scarves have demonstrated one’s social status and today a posh scarf can still have a significant impact when you walk in a room. a degree that still stands today, a luxury silk scarf makes a powerful fashion statement. A high-end scarf can signal one’s social and economic status and culture. Even the BBC recently identified scarves as a “new power symbol” for women.

A luxury scarf is considered the most versatile clothing accessory. They are worn for so much more than just fashion, they are also worn for religious and reasons of modesty. Never underestimate the power of a good accessory, they can boost the wearer’s confidence and mood. Scarves are worn for warmth, sun protection, fashion, or based on one’s affiliations or beliefs. A luxurious scarf is both beautiful and useful which accounts for their popularity.

They are manufactured using a range of diverse materials like silk, cashmere, cotton; ones made of natural materials are considered the most luxurious. Among the variety of scarves in the market, the beauty and elegance of silk scarves top them all. Silk has been intriguing designers all over the world for centuries now, especially when it comes to scarves. Silk scarves have been considered as one of the most enduring and versatile accessories in the history of fashion. They are fashionable, and more than that stylish whatever the fashion trends might be, they are adaptable to suit the mood of the day. You can wear a high-quality silk scarf for many years to come. There is also a pleasure in re-discovering them in a draw, pulling it out again and re-imagining it all over again.

Significance of silk scarves

Unlike woollen scarves, silk scarves cannot keep you very warm, but they have been used as a way to add colour, vibrancy, sophistication, and class to the wearer’s outfit. They emanate power and pure chic. A designer scarf is an investment piece and an easy way to update your wardrobe. At any time of the year there is always a scarf to suit the season, they are accessible to everyone. Most people can afford to buy a designer scarf even if they can’t buy an outfit, it’s often an entry point into a clothing brand. Accessory lovers enjoy matching them with a designer bag, belt, or shoes. Top-end brands have sought to monetise this opportunity by creating in-house signature styles by introducing a hero or limited-edition prints and colours to complement outerwear styles. Silk scarves don’t go out of fashion.

How are silk luxury scarves used?

There are many ways to pair a silk scarf with your outfit. From formal dinners to casual beach parties, silk scarves find a way to make your outfit more individual. For example, while going out for a casual fun day at the beach, a silk scarf is worn around the neck or draped around the shoulders, it can double up as a sarong. Some women also like wearing silk scarves as a belt around their waist, to create an empire line on a dress to accentuate the waist. It can even be worn as a hair accessory or to decorate a purse or hat.  In fact, there is no end to the dazzling looks that you can create with high-quality women’s silk scarves.

Silk scarves, without a doubt, have stolen many hearts around the world. What most people don’t understand is that silk fabrics come in different qualities, the way the fabric is woven as well as the way the yarn has been spun. The vast majority of silk comes from the mulberry silkworm, for scarves the main types are;

Silk Satin

Oozing opulence, pure satin is a highly valuable material with a rich look and feel. The glossy, shiny surface is smooth to the touch and emits a mesmerising shine. Silk satin doesn’t cling, unlike cheaper polyester versions which attract static electricity. Satin made from silk is far superior, and a popular choice of material for evening gowns and bridal wear to add a touch of luxury and glamour. Laslett England uses a medium weight silk satin for the classic 90 x 90 squares with a hand-rolled edge finish.


Floaty and soft, crêpe-de-chine is a plain-weave fabric that has a silky-smooth feel, fluid drape and grainy texture. Lightweight and breathable, it has a more matt lustre which gives it a vintage appearance. It was used by couturiers in the 1920’s and 30’s to give a wonderful drape, weight and fall to dresses and evening wear. Laslett England used this quality for their best-selling silk diamond scarves so that the scarf falls and ties beautifully.

Silk twill

A light or mid-weight silk fabric, with a smooth and shiny surface, made with a classic Twill (diagonal) weave. This quality is often used for scarves and one of the great benefits of silk twill is that it has a wonderful drape and excellent durability for its weight. The silk twill itself comes in a variety of weights. Laslett England uses a softer drapey and more fine quality so that it ties perfectly. The very famous and prestigious Hermes of Paris silk scarves are mostly made from the silk twill fabric. This is one of the many reasons why silk twill has become so popular. Printing on silk twill also gives a sharper finish which is particularly beneficial to the silk screen process.


A sheer, elegant fabric with a slightly rough gauze-like texture and a beautiful drape. Made from fine twisted fibres, Chiffon silk is a very lightweight fabric with a slight stretch to it. at Laslett England we use a very special quality of chiffon, called Satin Chiffon, which is has slightly more body and has a beautiful sheen, used for the long silk bias cut scarves in the collection, such as Seaside Stripe and the ‘Laura’ scarf.


The grade level depends on the quality of the silk and manufacturing process. The excellent quality of the material offers a significant advantage in any clothing. Since silk is an all-natural material, produced by cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm, it is wholly made up of protein fibre mainly fibroin. Unlike other materials that are itchy or irritating, silk scarves are naturally hypoallergenic. Silk has special properties; it is naturally temperature regulating so works to keep you comfortable in any climate – a luxury one may be more expensive but the other practical benefits and numerous ways to wear make them excellent value for money.

The most coveted luxury silk scarves are a classic 90 x 90 size showcasing exuberant patterns framed with a border design; like wearable works of art. Smaller squares such as the bandana or neckerchief are also a vehicle for eye-catching designs. A bandana is around 19-20 in (50cm) square, Neckerchiefs are larger, around 26 in (70cm) square. Both sizes are made for and worn by both women and men. For more versatility you could go for a longer rectangular shape or shawl. However, they can be any shape, it’s more to do with the quality of the fabric. 100% pure silk which could be crepe de chine, chiffon, silk twill or silk satin. Laslett England have a collection of vintage-style long silk scarves based on a 1920’s shape with a stunning seaside stripe or vintage-inspired floral, printed on the bias and finished with hand rolled edges.

The discerning man also enjoys a luxury silk scarf. The formality of a men’s silk scarf has softened, worn in a little less buttoned up manner. In fact, the gentlemen’s silk scarf is being embraced by a new generation of style setters who have a different attitude to getting dressed. Men are once again seeking enjoyment in a luxury silk scarf, as an accessory of choice. Men are increasingly enjoying wearing more colour and experimenting with accessories; some may be smartening up a suit while others may wear one more casually pulled together with a weekend jacket and hoodie combo. It’s an easy way to add personality to your outfit. They are also wearing different shapes in a more flamboyant way.

Quality craftsmanship is vital to produce a luxury scarf. The quality of printing and the Finishing of a scarf are just as considered as the design itself. The quality of printing can be seen in how vibrant the colours are, how detailed the patterns are on the luxurious silk fabric. Silk scarves are printed via screen printing or digital printing. Whether both have their ebbs and flows, the screen-printing method gives a very soft and authentic look whereas a digitally printed silk can convey colour and detail to striking effect and technically speaking is the most common way to print fabric in the 21st Century. Most luxury scarves have hand-rolled edges which gives a sophisticated and perfect finish.

Wearing a silk scarf is a statement of elegance and sophistication. They are not only a fashionable choice but also a symbol of luxury and status. A designer silk scarf has lasting appeal and makes a special gift for her or him. A luxurious gift for a mother, sister, or best friend. A gift for a special birthday, to wear to a wedding or to simply elevate your outfit with the soft silky texture of silk. And what about him? For the stylish man in your life, an originally designed silk square bandana or long silk scarf makes a perfect Christmas present. It really is a MUST HAVE for a truly stylish woman or man.

The artistic qualities of a luxury scarf make it a treasured item. With their fine design and exceptional quality, not only do they make a great gift, but they are also pieces to collect and perhaps pass on as a family heirloom. Silky and soft to wear, a wonderful accessory to any clothing, transforming it into something very special. Laslett England cares about a slow and sustainable approach to fashion by creating accessories with timeless appeal in limited numbers.

The box is not an afterthought

A Laslett England scarf comes wrapped beautifully in a signature bespoke-made red gift box, not just because this makes it perfect for gifting but because it conveys the specialness of the scarf plus it is a good way to store it too. Giving a scarf to a partner suggests you cherish him or her – and presenting a scarf to a beloved member of your family communicates a deep affection. If you give a scarf to a close friend, it means you appreciate their friendship.


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