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I keep the above photo in my studio of a woman in the 1950’s modelling a small patterned neck scarf with a matching clutch bag. I often look at this image, to me it epitomises the true essence of ‘style’ and looks as modern now as it did back then. There is the joy of a new outfit with the accessories as the focus, she exudes a quiet confidence and there is a real sense of enjoyment in her expression and poise. The deceptively plain dress is set off by all the accessories. Silk is obviously the key component to this look but so is the distinctive pattern of the matching scarf and bag which gives it an individual edge.

This image makes me think of Audrey Hepburn in the film Roman Holiday from 1953 who wore the perfect striped neckerchief knotted in an appropriately jaunty fashion, she said “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.”

TIMELESS STYLE – with new trends emerging all the time there aren’t many fashion items that have such lasting appeal and don’t go out of fashion. There is something about a little printed scarf that transcends fashion, I like to think that someone who receives or gives a uniquely designed silk scarf does so knowing that that it has a value beyond the material; it is something to love and cherish. A printed neckerchief is a great wardrobe fix for the days when you don’t know what to wear. Start with the scarf, team it with a plain dress or a printed one if you like to mix patterns together. You can dress it up or down, not only does it add a statement pop of colour and interest, it’s mood enhancing and makes you feel ‘finished’. Wonderful against your skin, think of it like a piece of jewellery. It is particularly good for the spring summer season, but it is an accessory that you can wear all year round and with many different outfits. Great for a weekend away, it can take the stress out of holiday packing as it takes up no room and weighs virtually nothing. Team it with more than one outfit so it’s your go-to accessory.

Vintage Floral and Tapestry Rose designs

Vintage Floral and Tapestry Rose designs

ALL IN THE DETAIL – A Laslett England print is a totally original creation and produced in limited numbers. As a square the neckerchief print is engineered into the shape of the scarf, so the pattern is built like a picture in a frame. I love the possibility to use these elements to build a design, for example to contrast a floral print with a geometric patterned border. The prints are digitally printed onto various silks such as chiffon, crepe de chine or silk twill. For a summery feel, a blend of silk and cotton feels divine, the silk content gives the scarf a more sophisticated appearance and intensity of colour.

One of the other features of a neckerchief is the finished edge. After the scarf has been printed the most luxurious way to finish it is with a hand-rolled edge or a fine pin hem. The finish is as considered as the design itself. Again, it frames the scarf and makes it beautiful when tied.

Vintage Floral with yellow rolled hem

Vintage Floral with yellow rolled hem


HOW TO STYLE – many women I speak to often say they don’t know how to wear a scarf, but a neckerchief couldn’t be easier. Fold the square into a triangle, roll it up from the point and style it knotted at the front or positioned slightly askew on one side; just tie and go! It can also be worn as a headband or to tie your hair back, or woven around the handle of your favourite bag! Whichever way it will elevate your look.


A KEEPER – A neckerchief makes the perfect gift. There are certain presents that people cherish, and a quality scarf is often a treasured item because it reminds the receiver of the person that gave it to them. For that reason a Laslett England scarf comes packaged in tissue in a signature red box which is not only beautiful but a wonderful way to store the scarf too. A silk scarf or neckerchief is a real investment, it is a timeless and collectable piece.

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