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Historically the neckerchief has been with us for centuries, it was shown to best effect during the
early nineteenth century as worn by George Bryan ‘Beau’ Brummell who was the premier dandy in
London at the time. He revolutionised menswear and favoured an artfully tied cravat that was the
perfect sartorial finishing touch to a high cut long-tailed coat and skin-tight breeches. So, from this
time the silk neckerchief represented a certain refinement and status for men. From the fifties
onwards, women popularised this small silk scarf. Audrey Hepburn won many hearts by her
effortless fashion sense. She wore silk scarves as a headscarf or tied around her neck. In the '50s and
'60s, celebrities like Lauren Bacall, Bianca Jagger, and Jackie Kennedy adopted scarves in their
wardrobe and made them a symbol of glamour and femininity.

Neckerchiefs are making a comeback especially due to the casualisation of men’s tailoring, they offer
an alternative finishing touch that is less formal than a necktie. At Laslett England silk neckerchiefs
are designed to be unisex, it is simply up to the wearer to decide. The beauty of a smaller scarf is
that you can wear one in multiple ways and with attitude! It is one of the most versatile accessories
for him or for her.

The neckerchief is typically square in shape and crafted from silk or cotton. A silk neckerchief can be
worn as a modern alternative to the traditional cravat. Women love their versatility and wear them
in numerous ways around the neck, tied to a handbag, as a bracelet around the wrist, a hairband or
headscarf. A printed neckerchief adds colour and pattern, it simply elevates what you’re wearing in a
flash. As Melanie of Laslett England says, “There is something about a little printed scarf that
transcends fashion, an accessory to love and cherish and a great wardrobe fix when you don’t know
what to wear”. It might be a smaller, but it still packs a punch.

There can be some confusion between a neckerchief and a bandana, the former tends to be larger
so there are more styling options. At Laslett England, Melanie creates the print design in conjunction
with the size of the square. Sizes start from a 42 x 42cms up to a 57 x 57cms. They can be made from
a variety of fabrics, but silk twill is the most luxurious. All Laslett England patterns are original,
engineered into the canvas of a scarf and finished with hand-rolled edges. Patterns range from bold
to abstract, geometric, floral, and animal all with a hint of vintage. Everything is printed and finished
by specialist companies in the UK. Your neckerchief comes beautifully wrapped in a signature red gift

When it comes to styling, think of a neckerchief as an opportunity to add some colour, pattern, and
contrast to the rest of an outfit. Styling it couldn’t be easier, just tie and go. It doesn’t require as
much faffing as a larger silk square. Embrace a jaunty look, rock a little retro or update a favourite
piece in your wardrobe. Think of it like a piece of jewellery to suit both your complexion and

How do you wear a neckerchief?
A silk neckerchief can be styled similarly for both men and women, there are no rules! A neckerchief
has a chameleon quality, it can be Parisian chic one day and more nonchalant the next. The styles
below work for both him or her.

The Cowboy Look
This shows off a print beautifully. Fold the scarf into a triangle, with the point in the front let the
fabric drape naturally and knot at the back of the neck and adjust the folds. For a Guy, you can tuck
this into a buttoned-down shirt to resemble a cravat.
At a jaunty angle

Lay the open square flat on a table or bed with the inside showing. Roll or fold the scarf in from both
sides until they meet in the middle to form a band. Alternatively, you can fold as a triangle, starting
at the point, roll up into band. At this stage you can put around your neck and tie it like a man’s
necktie so that it ends up with a flatter knot and the points hanging down. Or simply wrap around
your neck, tie once and then again with a knot and twist it to the side, fifties style. If preferred it can
be tucked inside a shirt collar or a great way to jazz up a plain T-shirt.
The modern regency style

This is very neat, sophisticated way to wear a neckerchief which also keeps the neck comfortable
and protected. Start with the square folded into a triangle with the large point at the front. Take the
ends around the back of your neck, cross-over the ends and bring them back around the front of the
neck and make a simple knot. This works with a larger sized neckerchief of 55 x 55cms and larger.
Try it folded up as before to wear as a headband or as a hair scarf or wrapped around the wrist for a
bracelet effect.

This is why wearing one brings so much personality to your outfit.

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