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The Power Pocket – the male accessory to show you have a bit of style

Sometimes a silk square is much more than a bit of fabric, it’s a piece of art that will immediately invigorate a suit or jacket. A printed silk pocket square is one of the easiest and most stylish ways to accessorise an outfit, in fact it can do a lot to revive what you already own.

Melanie Laslett, founder, and owner of accessories brand Laslett England says,

‘’Don’t underestimate the power of a pocket square to elevate your look, it doesn’t have to be a ‘showy’ statement, its more about adding a stylish finishing touch that completes your whole outfit’’

The printed pocket square is the perfect and easy way to add a bit of personal style especially if a tie isn’t worn anymore. This small square introduces a colourful accent that immediately changes perceptions of dressing, it adds a layer of elegance and sophistication, and can boost your confidence.

No breast pocket is complete without a pocket square also known as a handkerchief or pochette. Pocket square is a relatively recent wording, the term didn’t appear widely until the 20th century. A good short explanation is that the pocket square’s purpose is mainly aesthetic whereas the handkerchief’s is primarily functional. The description ‘Pocket Square’ was popularised in the USA and at Laslett England, who supplied Bloomingdales Department stores for several years, this was the adopted terminology with the prefix of silk.

A silk pocket square, especially the patterned variety are tantalising objects of beauty with that all important component, detail. How many times have you heard when it comes to getting dressed, ‘it’s all in the detail’. This accessory is for the man (or woman) who appreciates style and considers the finer details add an element of sophistication, elegance and just as importantly, individuality. A sleek and stylish pocket square is suitable for all events and situations, with a tuxedo, blazer, suit or a more casually cut jacket, even denim. Ultimately, it’s about enjoying getting dressed and taking pride in your appearance. Although the pocket square may be a small, it adds that all important pop of colour and interest in the breast pocket. It’s about getting the balance, just the right level of detail to elevate rather than overwhelm an outfit.

Italian men, known worldwide for their innate sense of style, have an expression called ‘Sprezzatura’ which literally means ‘studied carelessness’ and is an essential feature of their dress code. Italians know the power of good accessory and wear a pocket square with pride. Pocket square trends do wax and wane, especially more recently with the casualisation of menswear and workwear in general but they are gaining popularity again as men start to experiment and don’t have to conform to a typical office uniform. Men are starting to enjoy styling things up, accessories are a key component to that, in some cases replacing the tie with some colour and pattern in the top pocket to add interest to a suit or a jacket at the weekend. Younger men are also enjoying experimenting with accessories and ‘retro’ fashion. The pocket square is perhaps the most important, and the most fun, accessory that a man can use to stand out from the crowd. Men and Women who enjoy period dressing for events or just out of sheer enjoyment seek out vintage or ‘vintage style’ pocket squares.

At Laslett England, Melanie creates all the patterns so that the wearer has a unique silk accessory which becomes their style signifier. Each pattern is engineered into the canvas of a square, frame by a border to complete the design and finished with a fine stitched edge. Patterns vary from neat geometrics through to more abstract, pictorial, and floral, there is a pattern to suit all tastes. Crafted from 100% silk, the colour and design shine through. An unexpected benefit is how versatile this accessory is, the nature of a colourful pattern means it can be worn with more than one suit or jacket in your closet. Some men are ‘collectors’ of these silky wonders, they resonate on many levels, often a keepsake.

So how to wear a silk pocket square

Master the pocket square and you have an amazing styling tool to help you look your best. If you are not wearing a tie, a pocket square creates a slightly more non-formal look. However, if you are wearing a tie, one of the colours in your pocket square should be picked out to coordinate with it.

There is no absolute way you must wear a pocket square; a soft puff fold is the most effective for a printed square and can be adjusted to display the colours and pattern as you wish. The Puff Fold is not only one of the most popular folds but also one of the simplest to master. It’s very simple, lay the pocket square out flat on your bed or a table, pull up the fabric from the middle and with the other hand pull the fabric into a puff shape, twist the fabric underneath behind the puff and then simply place in the breast pocket and adjust to your liking, having as much or as little of the puff showing. The most classic style is to adjust it till it forms a semi-circle above your pocket, but the very nature of the Puff Fold means you can be creative with the final look. There are plenty of on-line videos to help you master this easy and versatile fold.

We recommend co-ordinating your pocket square rather than matching colours precisely. Matchy, matchy is too contrived. When considering designs, keep either tie/bow tie or pocket square patterned and the other one plain unless you have an eye for mixing patterns. Always consider the whole ensemble when choosing accessories – suit, shirt, shoes, tie/bow tie AND pocket square. It’s about finding your own personal style and experimenting. And having a selection to alternate with different coloured suits or jackets, a silk square can give new life to an old tie or make a rather ordinary suit magically feel fun and fashionable. It will get you noticed.

You can buy Laslett England silk pocket squares online; clear product images and colour representation ensure you get what you see on screen. You can search by colour and find various print options within that colour range. All products are designed, printed, and finished in the UK. Each one comes in a signature Laslett England presentation box, which is also an excellent way to store it. One, or more than one, also makes a beautiful gift.

A quality accessory is a wise investment for a wardrobe update. Introducing a burst of colour will lift your mood and bring some joy to your daily routine. If you’re going to choose ONE accessory to wear, make it a silk pocket square.

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