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Wool Wrap Scarves

The Ultimate Luxury Oversized Scarf

Wool is a wonderful, it is one of the oldest fibres known to mankind and more and more people are embracing its beauty and sustainability. Wool regulates your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s a natural product and since the Stone Age, it has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man, and science is yet to produce a fibre which matches its unique properties. As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new fleece; making wool a renewable fibre source. Wool is biodegradable, it takes a fraction of the time of synthetics to break down, this is because wool is made of keratin, a natural protein similar to the protein that makes up human hair, which can be broken down naturally without causing an environmental hazard. It can be worn time and time again without losing shape due to the elasticity of the fibres. An interesting benefit is that it doesn’t need constant washing, it’s breathable so a simple airing is enough to refresh woollen garments.

What is a wool wrap scarf?

A wrap scarf is a two-in-one product, large enough to double up as a scarf or shawl. Effectively it is an oversized scarf that can be wrapped around the neck or around the shoulders. A shawl is generally designed to be worn around the shoulders and is considered more traditional, these days slightly old-fashioned. A wrap scarf is more contemporary and larger than a stole or shawl, it can be styled both casually and formally. Rectangular or square in shape, it can be made from different fabrics. The best and most luxurious are crafted from wool, cashmere or blended with other fibres such as silk or cotton with hand-finished edges. Fringed edges are particularly sophisticated to give a luxurious finish. Its real allure is its generous size for wrapping plus it adds warmth without compromising on style.

What is a Laslett England wool wrap?

A Laslett England wrap is a large printed rectangular shaped scarf crafted from superfine merino wool, a generous size for wrapping or cocooning around the neck or shoulders. Initially designed with women in mind, it also attracts a male audience. The addition of a geometric print gives it a unisex appeal. For men, the idea is to wrap it loosely around the neck in an insouciant fashion over a jacket or coat. Women wear it in a variety of ways, either to dress something up, for a holiday, an evening out or as a go-to scarf for any occasion. The impetus to design this style of scarf was to create a luxurious accessory that could be worn in a variety of different ways depending on the wearer’s own unique preference. This is the only travel companion you need! Easy to pack in a suitcase or throw in your handbag for some extra comfort wherever you roam.

Laslett England’s luxury wool wrap scarves are made from 100% extra fine Merino wool. Merino sheep are known for their incredibly fine wool which has remarkable inherent elasticity, and these properties ensure that silky smooth feel next to the skin. The merino we use is a very fine gauge so that it provides lightweight warmth that feels particularly comforting. Especially soft, customer feedback is regularly ‘I can’t believe this is wool, it feels like silk’. This luxurious quality is particularly good for an oversized scarf (cut both longer and wider) and takes colour and print beautifully because it penetrates through to the reverse of the fabric. Our Faded Star collection features a striking micro star pattern in bronze and gold tones overlaid onto rich indigo blues, reminiscent of a starry night sky. It’s a perfect way to layer elegantly and its lofty appeal means you won’t necessarily need or want to remove it when moving indoors as the unique properties of wool keep you comfortable in fluctuating temperatures. It’s ideal to add a little extra warmth when the sun goes down. Don’t be concerned with changing trends, this is one to wear and wear again with many different outfits. It exudes timeless elegance.

How do you look after your wool wrap, shawl or stole?

Woollen garments hardly ever need washing, as the fibres are breathable and do not absorb odours. Wool should only be washed when necessary, and it will last longer the less frequently you wash it. When washing, always use a mild detergent specifically for wool. Wash by hand with lukewarm water, avoiding stretching and pulling whilst doing so. Never leave your garment to soak for too long as this can cause pilling and shrinkage. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. After wearing, give it a gentle shake and air it for an hour or so. Steaming is an efficient and gentle alternative to both ironing and washing, steamers are being used more commonly nowadays to refresh garments without the need for regular washing. When storing, never put your wool and cashmere garments away unclean, as this will attract moths. They are drawn to the bacteria, and unclean wool and cashmere garments provide the ideal environment.  To avoid moths, don’t fill up your drawers too much, and take your items out of storage regularly. Placing conkers, cedar wood balls and lavender in your wardrobe can help deter them. The best thing is to wear your wrap regularly, don’t push it to the back of the wardrobe. ‘Air it and wear it’ is a good rule to follow.

The perfect present

Stylish and modern our superfine printed wool wraps and scarves tick all the boxes for weekday or weekend, it’s a great way to add stylish flair to any outfit. Suitable for all seasons and climates, cosset yourself with a touch of timeless elegance. Beautiful as well as useful, it’s the ultimate gift for a loved one to wear time and time again. The recipient will be delighted with a gift so versatile, practical, and chic as they come. Each scarf comes with complimentary UK delivery in the UK, each scarf packaged in a bespoke red gift box.

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