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Men’s Silk Scarf

A scarf for all seasons

Men’s tailoring has relaxed over recent years, accelerated by the global pandemic, and working from home. Tailoring is still relevant, but the overall cut of suit is more unstructured. The formality of a men’s silk scarf has softened, worn in a little less buttoned up manner. In fact, the gentlemen’s silk scarf is being embraced by a new generation of style setters who have a different attitude to getting dressed. Men are once again seeking enjoyment in dressing up a bit more, for those days when they are in the office or for simply going out.

A silk scarf is an expressive accessory, in films like ‘Day of the Jackal’ starring James Fox in 1973, the silk cravat is shown off to its best effect, it exudes elegance tucked under a crisp pointed white collared shirt. The casualisation of menswear has brought this versatile accessory back into focus. The silk scarf is being enjoyed by a whole new generation, it’s the younger man who’s just as likely to wear them now, attracted by their vintage-style attributes. This year Drake’s, a specialist menswear outfitter (just off Saville Row) in London has reported that they are selling silk squares, foulard scarves and cravats “better than we’ve done for many years”.  Paul Smith who has recently celebrated 50 years in business talking to GQ about his Autumn/Winter 2022 collection said, “It really is time for men to start dressing up again”. The casualisation of clothing is not going away so, getting dressed up means still wearing a suit but in a much more relaxed style so the accessories worn alongside need to reflect that change.

In Europe the silk cravat has maintained its popularity through the years. France (a scarf-loving nation) has reported recently that Men in the French capital have been rediscovering the multiple uses of a silk scarf. They are not wearing them in such a classical manner particularly because the colours and patterns more distinctive. Young Parisians are teaming a silk scarf with a plain t-shirt worn scout style. Younger men are also wearing large silk squares, folded into a triangle, draped or tied.  Others wear them simply folded as a scarf, tied as a tie, or tucked into an unbuttoned shirt. Fashionable men and women, across younger and older generations, regard a high-quality scarf with a unique design as a statement piece or a collectable work of art.

Melanie the designer and owner of Laslett England, has been on a quest to change the perception of the silk cravat or neckerchief to encourage British men to reconsider this as a modern and stylish option to liven up an outfit with some colour and pattern. The popularity of the silk pocket square has continued to replace the tie as a finishing touch. It’s time to re-think men’s accessories by attracting a new audience as well as keeping the more traditional customer happy. Laslett England’s men’s silk scarf collection includes designs that are classic with a twist, showcasing an innovative mix of patterns, updating classic prints like the small spot, check or stripe with contrasting geometrics. Art Deco geometry in the ‘Resort’ collection or retro vibes with ‘Revival’ long silk tubular styles in navy blues or autumnal bronze browns. Our men’s scarves come in a variety of different materials for all occasions, silk scarves for any occasion or a luxurious wools or wool & silk for the colder months. Made in carefully chosen factories throughout the United Kingdom, our scarves are made using the finest natural materials all with hand-finishing.

So, what silk scarves do men wear?

  1. A long narrow scarf with a tubular construction, often printed on both sides or plain and print, finished with elegant pin fringing or tassels for going out.
  2. Neckerchief or Cravat – generally a square shape worn around the neck, 100% silk, silk & cashmere, silk & cotton or 100% cotton. Finished with hand rolled edges.
  3. Cravat/Ascot – a silk neckband that consists of two wings of wide, pointed fabric, usually of the same size, with a connecting strip. It resembles more of a tie in shape.
  4. Large silk Square – 90 x 90 or 100 x 100cm – pure silk, silk & cashmere, silk & wool with hand-rolled edges to give a luxurious finish. Silk combined with wool or cashmere adds a little more weight for those cooler days and looks just as suave.

A silk scarf can be pulled out at any moment to add colour and a classy edge to your outfit. Men are increasingly enjoying wearing more colour with accessories; some may be smartening up a suit while others may wear one more casually pulled together with a weekend jacket and hoodie combo. It’s an easy way to add personality to your outfit plus it works with the vagaries a changeable climate. One tip is to let your scarf contrast with the rest of your look, for example by adding an elegant silk scarf or cashmere scarf to a denim jacket, or a light wool scarf to an otherwise tailored outfit featuring a suit or blazer. Brown, grey and navy are classics but there is a definite trend towards brighter colours and prints to add a pop of colour, especially orange, tan and brighter blues.

A silk scarf is a versatile piece that will take you from work to dinner, or from casual dress to black tie. A black, grey, navy, or tan scarf will go with virtually all shades of outfits, so you won’t even have to think before you throw it on. There is something vintage looking about a silk scarf in an eye-catching print, it appeals to men who enjoy period dressing. It adds interest to your look, and they can be worn with all kinds of different outfits to really showcase your style.  If you really want to catch someone’s eye, choose a stand-out print. Bold and unmissable, you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd.

A designer men’s silk scarf is a statement accessory that can be worn all year round. It makes an ideal gift for a husband, son, father, or boyfriend or Christmas gift. Wear to a wedding, birthday or for any event that deserves a bit of dressing up or to simply make you look and feel finished! This is a must-have accessory to up-style casual looks or to relax a sartorial ensemble. Wear and wear again with countless outfits.



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