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The ultimate accessory

A designer silk luxury scarf is a chic addition to any look. Whether you’re looking to enhance your ensemble with bold patterns and colours or simply want to elevate your outfit with soft silk textures, Laslett England has a varied range of silk scarves to suit your style.

A luxury scarf is considered the most versatile clothing accessory. They are worn for so much more than just fashion; they are also worn for religious and reasons of modesty. Never underestimate the power of a good accessory; they can boost the wearer’s confidence and mood. Scarves are worn for warmth, sun protection, fashion, or based on one’s affiliations or beliefs. A luxurious scarf is both beautiful and useful which accounts for their popularity. Among the variety of scarves in the market, the beauty and elegance of silk scarves top them all. Silk has been intriguing designers all over the world for centuries now, especially when it comes to scarves. Silk scarves have been considered as one of the most enduring and versatile accessories in the history of fashion.

There’s nothing like the feeling of silk against your skin, whether you’re luxuriating in silk sheets or wrapping yourself in your favourite silk scarf. Strength is one of the most interesting characteristics of silk. At first touch, you might be fooled into thinking silk is fragile but it’s one of the strongest fabrics there is. It may be elegant and gentle on your skin, but underneath the shine it’s brimming with power. Part of this strength comes from the length of the fibres. Cotton and linen are made from short plant fibres that are spun together to make longer threads. Silk is cultivated from the cocoon of mulberry silkworm larvae – they can make a long, continuous thread to work with. The process is time-consuming and delicate, which explains the high cost of this fabric.

Of course, there are more properties of silk fibre than its strength. Such as:

  • Silk is a lightweight, breathable fabric, which means it reduces the risk of overheating when you’re going about your day.
  • If they’re treated well, silk clothes are good at keeping their shape. Silk is flexible and has some elasticity to it which allows it to pull itself back into shape after stretching – to some extent. Don’t stretch silk unnecessarily or you may go too far.
  • Thermal regulation. Silk’s good at maintaining your body temperature which means it can help you feel cool in hot weather and warm in the cold.
  • Drying speed. Silk is fast drying which makes it highly practical when managing your laundry.
  • Silk fibres are smooth and straight, unlike wool, for example, this difference makes silk smoother to the touch and shinier to the eye, with an altogether luxurious feel.

Significance of silk scarves

A designer scarf is considered an investment piece. At any time of the year there is always a scarf to suit the season, they are accessible to everyone. A larger proportion of people can afford to buy a designer scarf even if they can’t buy an outfit; it’s often an entry point into a luxury brand. Accessory lovers enjoy matching them with a designer bag, belt, or shoes. Top-end brands have sought to monetise this opportunity by creating in-house signature styles by introducing a hero or limited-edition print and colours to complement their outerwear styles. A silk scarf is a true standout piece.

What makes a scarf luxurious?

Firstly, the fabric quality is paramount. Silk fabrics come in different qualities, the way the fabric is woven as well as the way the yarn has been spun. The vast majority of silk comes from the mulberry silkworm. Mulberry silk threads are the best on Earth; they are smoother, stronger, and more uniformly coloured than any other variety of silk. A single silk fibre is stronger than a steel fibre of the same diameter; it’s the most durable silk and also the softest.

The scarf as art – a luxury silk square can be identified by the high quality of design, the vibrancy of the colours and pattern, the quality of the printing, the beautiful sheen and quality of the fabric plus the way the edges have been finished. Everything must exhibit meticulous craftsmanship. Often a square shape, typical sizes are: 70x70cm, 90x90cm and 140x140cm.

What also makes it luxurious is the versatility for the wearer. A printed luxury silk square is a combination of art and fashion, with the ability to define an era: knotted under the chin in the 50s, tied at the back of the neck in the 60s, worn long and languid in the 70s or draped glamorously around the neck or shoulders in the 80s. A luxury scarf is often produced in limited numbers and takes many hours to perfect the design which is then either digitally or more exclusively printed by the silk screen method, which separates the design into a different screen for each colour which is a more expensive and handcrafted process. The finish is no less demanding. In either case the hems are hand-rolled to an exact measurement and hand-stitched.  This is a great way to tell if you have an authentic example.

Laslett England’s patterns are unique, all designed to suit the scarf shape and size. Inspired by art, architecture, found items and the natural world; each print invariably has a hint of vintage. Melanie, who understands the power of a printed square not only as a beautiful accessory to wear but a lasting piece of original design to cherish. Laslett England cares about a slow and sustainable approach to fashion by creating accessories with timeless appeal in limited numbers.

Synonymous with sophistication, the silk scarf is one of the boldest accessories a person can own. It can be styled in so many ways plus it never goes out of fashion. There is always a new way to wear a women’s designer scarf from the sophisticated to the edgy. Customers’ habits have changed, shifting towards a conscious approach to buying and consuming that prioritises investing in luxury pieces that can be worn for years to come. The seasonless appeal of a luxury scarf fits a growing need to buy less but buy better. The real appeal is the way a colourful printed scarf can transform numerous outfits in a flash. Styled in different ways it can add a totally new look.

How are silk luxury scarves used?

There are many ways to pair a silk scarf with your outfit. From formal dinners to casual beach parties, silk scarves find a way to make your outfit more individual. For example, while going out for a casual fun day at the beach, a silk scarf is worn around the neck or draped around the shoulders; it can double up as a sarong. Some women also like wearing silk scarves as a belt around their waist, to create an empire line on a dress to accentuate the waist. It can even be worn as a hair accessory or to decorate a handbag or hat.  In fact, there is no end to the dazzling looks that you can create with high-quality women’s silk scarves.

How to style a silk luxury scarf

Whether you’re looking to enhance your ensemble with bold patterns and colours or simply want to elevate your outfit with soft silk textures, there are many ways to wear a silk scarf. Accessorising with a scarf is a way to transform a simple ensemble into a chic, put-together look with endless possibilities depending on your personal style. Dress it up, dress it down, there are so many choices. Here are a few suggestions,

The Silk Head Scarf

This is one of the most dramatic ways to style a scarf.

How-To-Tie It: Grab two diagonal corners of your scarf and fold it in half into a triangle. Next, drape it over your head so that the long edge of the triangle is flat across your forehead. Take the two ends back to the nape of the neck and tie them together with a knot so that the ends fall gently down your back.

The Scarf-As-Hair Accessory

How-To-Tie It: If you are working with a square scarf, start by taking one corner of your scarf and folding it in diagonally until you’re left with a long, skinny silhouette. Take both ends and wrap the scarf underneath your ponytail or around your bun and gently secure it with a knot. For extra hold, secure the sides of the scarf with hair pins where needed.

The Statement Silk Scarf

How-To-Tie It: fold an oversized scarf in half horizontally and draping it diagonally over your shoulder or softly folded cowboy style layered over a tailored jacket or dress, or it can be twisted to the side in a jaunty fashion for a more asymmetric look.

The Scarf-As-Necklace

How-To-Tie It: Fold the square upon itself into a narrow strip; wrap the scarf around your neck once before jauntily tying the two ends together into a neat know. Or for a more insouciant look, let one end dangle down on one side and tie asymmetrically.

The Silk Scarf Belt

How-To-Tie It: Tie the scarf (a long, skinny, or rectangular style is best) around your waist or gently thread it through the belt loops of your trousers.

The Silk Scarf Bracelet

How-To-Tie It: Using a small narrow twilly style scarf, wrap the scarf around the top of your wrist so that both ends are equal in length. Next, take one end and wrap it once around your wrist. Repeat using the other end going in the opposite direction. Secure it with a knot to form a bracelet.

The Scarf Top

How-To-Tie It: For a quick-and-easy option, take a large square scarf and fold it in half diagonally. Wrap the long end of the scarf around your chest and secure it in back with a knot.

The Scarf as Bag Strap

How-To-Tie It: wind a twilly or narrow silk scarf around the handle of your bag, or tie at one end into a loose bow or simply let the fabric hang down and catch the breeze!

Why is a Laslett England luxury silk scarf so special?

Not only is silk a very special fabric, it has a suppleness and lustre that renders colours beautifully and feels divine against the skin. Every Laslett England design is unique, created over hundreds of hours using imagination and inspiration with stunning colour combinations. It very much comes down to the detail of all the component parts, the fabric, the print and the finish. Scarves are either digitally or hand-screen printed by specialist companies in Macclesfield in the North of England. Perfect hand-finishing is the signature of true luxury silk scarves. A hand-rolled edge is meticulous work and takes time and a lot of experience to do perfectly.  It gives the scarf a luxurious hand feel and perfect finishing touch. Melanie at Laslett England says, “This is the frame around the painting”. Laslett England is proud to produce everything in the UK. Luxury packaging is an integral part of a luxury scarf purchase. Whether for you or for a loved one, the experience of receiving a beautiful scarf wrapped in tissue inside a signature red box can’t be underestimated. This in not just as scarf, it is a lasting gift that endures; a future heirloom!

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