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Silk Pocket Squares: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for silk pocket squares? If so, you have come to the right place. Here, we answer the most common questions. For example: What is a pocket square? Should it match your tie or shirt? Can you wear one without a tie? How do you fold it? And can you wash a pocket square?

What is a pocket square?

A pocket square is a small rectangular piece of material that sits in your jacket’s breast pocket. It increases visual appeal by providing a stylish hint of fabric.

Should a pocket square match your tie?

A common question about pocket squares is, should they match your tie? For modern outfits, the answer is no. You might think that matching your pocket square and tie is an easy way to coordinate your look, but they shouldn’t match exactly.


However, you also don’t want them to be so different that they clash. The best approach is to choose a similar colour but with a different pattern. For example, if your tie is green with stripes, you could have a white pocket square with green dots.

Should your pocket square match your shirt?

Again, as with your tie, the pocket square should compliment your shirt but not match it exactly. For example, let’s say you have a grey jacket with a patterned grey tie. You could have a red shirt with a fine checked pattern, and then your pocket square could also be red but with a larger checked pattern.

Is it OK to wear a pocket square without a tie?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a pocket square without a tie. In fact, a pocket square can provide the same function as a tie – to give your outfit a smarter look. Silk pocket squares, in particular, can make your suit look more expensive.

How to fold a silk pocket square

There are various ways you can fold your pocket square. Here are some examples:

  • The flat fold. Fold the square into four, then into two, and then fold it again to make a square that fits into your jacket pocket.
  • The one-point fold. Fold it into four, then rotate it into a diamond shape. Now, fold the left side to the centre, fold the right side in the same way, and then fold the bottom up to the centre. You should now be able to fit it into the pocket, with the remaining point poking out.
  • The two-point fold. Fold it into four, then fold it in two again, but asymmetrically so that two points are visible. Then fold the left and right sides across, and it should fit into the pocket with two points poking out.
  • The puff fold. With the square laying flat, pinch the middle of it with your thumb and index finger and gently lift it. Pinch the top of it with your other hand, and then bring the bottom of the square upwards while leaving some of the top of it showing. Place it into the pocket, then adjust it until you have the puff you want.

Can you wash silk pocket squares?

No, not in a washing machine. Silk is too delicate for a machine wash, so it is best to take it to a dry cleaner.

Are you looking for silk pocket squares?

If you are looking for the finest silk pocket squares, look no further than Laslett England. We have a wide range of silk pocket squares in various styles, all made from 100% silk.

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