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The Artistry of Laslett England Scarves and Accessories

The Artistry of Laslett England Scarves and Accessories


Founded in 2014 by Melanie Laslett, the Laslett England brand is a culmination of a career-long passion of scarves and accessories, along with playful patterns and vintage inspiration, (namely from the Art Deco period); nothing gives us greater pleasure than when someone asks us if our products are actually vintage! 


The vintage nature of the designs is not by accident, when creating, Melanie strives to create a modern-day vintage look, always using luxury fabrics to elevate the original designs. Of course, simply copying patterns that already exist would be all too easy; the creative process isn’t just about looking at the past, emulating designs of a bygone era, it’s about marrying the best and beauty of the past, with modern elements. This partnership creates something truly special, completely wearable, and utterly timeless. 


There’s no reason the fashion of a scarf needs to be stuck in the middle of the last century, Audrey Hepburn’s style knows no time, and in the era we find ourselves in, where trends come and go seemingly every week, we know that classic pieces stand the test of time, transcending the whims of short-lived fads. That’s what we stand by.


Made to last for generations, these accessories can become family heirlooms, holding a story of their own; a reminder of a special time, or a special person. There’s a reason so many children turn to blankets as their comforter, it’s human nature to enjoy the comfort of something soft. There is so much to be said for the power of silk against the skin as you journey through your day.


At Laslett England, our scarves and accessories are not simply something to wear, they are pieces of art, looking just as beautiful framed and hung on a wall, as they do elegantly or playfully tied around the neck, wrapped around a bag handle, woven in the hair, or artfully folded and tucked into a suit breast pocket.


With so many different ways to style a scarf, thanks to the varying shapes of our designs, be it a twilly, a diamond shape, bandana, or pocket square, there are so many options to suit you and your individual style, no matter your age, gender, or style preference, it doesn’t matter. All of our designs are completely universal and inclusive. We know men in particular really appreciate our wider variety of options to accessorise! 


We’ve been told time and time again by so many customers that it’s not just a scarf to them, it’s a comfort, a source of power, and an everyday luxury; like a piece of jewellery. It’s not just about keeping your neck warm, it’s about self expression in every sense of the word. Both in how you present yourself outwardly, but also how it makes you feel inside.

A mantra of ours when it comes to styling? ‘Start with the scarf and the rest of the outfit will follow’. 

Laslett England takes pride in the craftsmanship of our products. Every item is hand-finished and made in the UK, preserving traditional skills and ensuring a sustainable approach to production. We don’t hold huge stocks of every design, rather we choose to create small batches, minimising any waste and allowing us to ensure every item is as perfect as can be. We truly live by the rule of quality over quantity, and we are committed to keeping the art of hand craftsmanship alive.

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