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Headscarves – The Hero Accessory

The silk scarf is a symbol of luxury perhaps because it is worn by celebrities and royalty alike. Essentially, it’s a medium or large silk square scarf that is folded into a triangle that covers most of the head. Headscarves have been a versatile accessory for decades and no one wore them better or enjoyed them more than the late Queen Elizabeth II. They were also worn to great effect by Hollywood doyennes Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to society queens Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, to the models – such as Naomi Campbell and Adut Akech, there are so many iconic images. A luxury printed headscarf worn well has a WOW factor. More recently headscarves have been seen worn underneath baseball caps to evoke a riding style which usefully keeps the scarf in place whilst showing it off to great effect. Fashion is in love again with silk head scarves, especially the vintage-inspired ‘granny chic’ look adopted by millennials who raid their mothers’ and grandmothers’ wardrobes for vintage pieces.

Vintage scarves can be very collectable and valuable if the condition is perfect. The most collectable tend to be from French brand Hermès who started production on silk scarves in the 1930’s featuring top-notch craftsmanship. A patterned scarf can significantly increase the value. A Hermes silk Carrè (square) is the epitome of Parisian luxury, often worn as headwear.

There’s an increase of people experimenting with accessories, especially those that circle back to different eras and inspirations. A headscarf has a strong visual look, it makes a real statement and a patterned one can liven up your outfit in an instant. It can be worn classically or tied in ways to add attitude and a bit of fun, so they appeal to a wide spectrum of age ranges. Apart from adding a welcome flash of colour and pattern, they have a practical use, some cancer patients going through chemotherapy find that a silk headscarf is soft and comforting during treatment. Grace Kelly fashioned hers into an emergency sling when she hurt her arm at a yacht party held by Aristotle Onassis in 1959. So, it’s protective qualities are quite an asset.

There are numerous looks you can create with a scarf. From a practical point of view a headscarf is perfect for bad hair days and a quick post-beach makeover. A symbol of femininity in the 1950’s- 1960’s a silk head scarf is once again gaining the status of a trendy accessory. Period style dressers favour the popular 40’s and 50’s style by tying a knot at the top of the head for the land girl effect. The main fashionistas of the 1960’s, for example Jaqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe preferred to go out in trouser suits, tying a silk scarf on their heads in babushka style (tied under the chin) and complementing the elegant image with large sunglasses. Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda liked to carelessly wrap a headscarf around their heads and throw the ends of the silk accessory behind their backs.

Tie a scarf as a headband. This option is perfect for a resort or beach holiday. A headscarf can be folded smaller to make a hairband, especially good for protection against wind or rain, or as an on-the-go polished style. Tying a headscarf in the form of a bandana or kerchief is another fashionable trick. Our mothers’ and grandmothers also loved to tie kerchiefs on the back of their heads “like a peasant” so that their hair would not get in the way. So, a trendy headscarf can complement an everyday look.

Currently there is a strong trend towards the 1970’s and a scarf tied in the hair. A Laslett England Silk Diamond scarf works brilliantly to achieve this look. Fold in from the centre to make a long narrow scarf, place the scarf under the hairline, bring the pointed ends up above your head, twist over to create the hairband and bring the long ends back down to tie underneath with the points of the diamond hanging down at the back.

Laslett England has a collection of vintage-style head scarves that are designed to be worn in the hair as well as around the neck. The ‘Solitaire’ collection is retro in feel printed with large Polka Dots in eye-catching brights, orange and coffee, violet and lemon or teal and chestnut brown, all finished with contrasting coloured hand-rolled edges for the perfect finishing touch when it’s tied. The 70 x70 size square is ideal for wearing neckerchief style around the neck and just the right proportions to tie as a headscarf. Wear this silk square tied under the chin to up-style your autumn coat, or bandana style for the summer with dresses, shorts or dungarees.

For ‘easy-styling’ a smaller square in silk or silk and cotton instantly transforms a ponytail. Simply fix your hair in a pony, low or high, and add the scarf to the end where your elastic is for a fun twist on the classic.

In our collection of ladies’ silk scarves, you’ll find pieces in with unique patterns. Styles in floral prints are pretty and romantic, while abstract and geometric options make bold choices.  We also have scarves in a wool and silk blend; ideal for lightweight warmth and can also be tied as a head scarf.

Make a luxury headscarf part of your wardrobe to add variety and interest, they are collectable silk treasures. Up-style a coat, chunky cashmere cardigan, trousers with your favourite boots – pull your ensemble together with this adaptable and decorative accessory – perfect for lightweight warmth between seasons. A colourful silk headscarf sparks joy all-year-round, they especially add a touch of class to your outdoor pursuits. All Laslett England designs are original, all printed and finished in the UK for exceptional quality and luxury.

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